Insurance for our homes, cars, health, and life are common. But there are many other aspects of life and business that need an insurance cover. On this note, there is an insurance scheme that should bring great joy to bibliophiles. Specific plans can be drafted to hedge and cover risks for different sorts of damage and losses in a library environment.

There is the basic liability policy that covers the financial payments in cases of accidents, injuries, fires, and general damage. But then there is a better plan that covers deeper affairs like legal actions and matters arising from conflict. This is the Directors’ and Officers’ Liability insurance. Since libraries are public places, you can never ascertain that legal and civil issues will never arise. This insurance scheme reimburses the library’s leadership for any cost incurred in defence costs against someone who has taken legal steps against your library. This is extremely important when you consider how settlements and compensations impact the organization’s budget. The more standard your library, the more you are open to the public and the greater your risk of a devastating legal action. This insurance cover is your best bet.