Filing Your Auto Insurance Claims

Imagine driving on your way to work, and out of the blues, your car is hit by an overspeeding car from behind. Tragic, to say the least. Nobody plans for this, but it can happen. While we cannot always perfectly prepare ahead for life’s many uncertainties, having good insurance is a way to hedge against several of them. In cases like this, having insurance means accidents don’t leave you counting huge losses for damages. An insurance claim is a request you make to your insurance company to receive money to cover repairs and incurred expenses from policy events that your insurance covers. An insurance claim protects you from financial hits in cases of unplanned circumstances. It also eases the financial burden associated with these kinds of damages.

There is always the question of when to file an auto insurance claim. Well, there is no fixed answer as it depends on several reasons. As a general rule, it is advised to file in when the amount incurred in damages is more than your deductible. However, in cases of injury to any party, severe damages that you cannot afford, and when there’s confusion about whose fault it is, you definitely should let the insurance company handle this. Also, ensure you document the event very carefully. Take the information of the other party, vehicle numbers and details, and photographs of the scene too. This would come in handy during the filing process. The time frame for filing is usually between 30 days and three years, but you should begin early. Contact your agent and get the procedure started.