Things You Shouldn’t Lie About To Your Home Insurance Company

Lying to your insurance agent to save a few amounts of money on home insurance
is a bad idea. However, if you lie about your insurance needs, it could cost more
money than you expected. Here are home insurance areas where you shouldn’t lie
or “forget” to tell your insurance agent.

A standard home insurance policy might protect you if you have a swimming pool.
Still, your policy’s liability may not be sufficient to cover your financial expense or
medical care. Therefore, you must tell your insurance agent that you have a pool in
your house, so that will let you know what’s required to have you covered.

Certain dog breeds can lead to higher premiums for homeowners. While some
carriers won’t insure your dog, others may increase your home insurance premium

if your dog has a history of aggression. You could pay out of your pocket if you fail to
tell your agent about your dog’s aggressiveness.

Not telling your insurer about luxury items you just purchased or lying about
possessions you don’t have can result in denying coverage or claims. As a result,
your home insurance policy could be dropped, and the authority may want to speak
to you next.

Upgrading your house can be costly, and failing to tell your insurance agent about
the changes could result in claim denial. Unfortunately, this means your home is
underinsured and may have to cover that additional cost.