Do You Need a Home Security System?

If you are a homeowner, you must have thought about buying a home security system at least once or twice. Both homeowners and renters need to consider home security systems in order to protect their families, roommates, and things they own. Home security systems do have an effect on whether or not a burglary will be successful. It is not a 100% guarantee that a home security system will prevent a burglary at all times, but the chances are much higher compared to a house with no security.

According to statistics, only 14% of U.S. residents have an anti-burglar alarm protection system installed in their homes. Unfortunately, crime rates are increasing, especially in urban areas. It is up to you to decide if a home security system is truly needed, but it is definitely beneficial. In addition to statistics, 59% of home burglaries happen during the day because people are usually at work or at school at the time. Homes that are very covered are most likely broken into. A lot of burglaries actually occur during the summer months compared to less burglaries during the coldest months. Majority of burglaries happen by breaking and entering inside the household. In most of these breaking and entering cases, a home security system could prevent homes from becoming a part of these statistics.

The most important reason to look into and install a home security system is to decrease any criminal activity in your home. In addition to precautions like window locks and deadbolts on doors, a home security system is an essential option for your home safety options. The biggest con or downside of installing a home security system is the cost. The cost can vary depending on which home security system you invest in. The cost of a home security system usually includes a monthly bill and any initial installation products and fees. While monthly fees can definitely vary as well, a basic security system will cost you much less than what the average burglary will end up costing you. Depending on your policy, your homeowners insurance can be decreased by up to 20% only for having a security system installed in your home.

A home security system might actually be less of an expense when you include all of the possible savings. You could have years of home security before reaching how much you could lose from just one burglary without a home security system.